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Halloween Spider (2 Design Options) TRANSFER (PHYSICAL)

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Sublimation transfer ready to DIY press with a heat press. This transfer works on WHITE or LIGHT COLORED polyester fabrics and polymer-coated hard substrates ONLY. Transfers are created using sublimation ink and paper which allows an image to be dyed into the fabric (or a polymer-coated hard substrate) when applied with pressure using an industrial heat press. This process is permanent and will not fade, peel or crack. It is CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified for use on adult and children's clothing. 

  • For polyester fabrics: 100% polyester is recommended to achieve the most vibrant colors. Transfers can be used on 50-60% poly blends but the image will be fainter or have a "vintage" look. 
  • Transfers do not print white-anything that is the color white in the original design will become the color of the shirt you are transferring it on. (On a white shirt, the white will appear the same as in the image, a light gray shirt will show the area as gray). 
  • Each shipped transfer will come with pressing instructions. For polymer-coated substrates: please follow vendor instructions for pressing substrates. 

Design colors will vary from screen to screen and the design size will vary for each product use. The approximate sizing is as follows:

  • Shirt Pocket/Coaster 3" Longest Side
  • Infant 5" Longest Side
  • Toddler/Kid 7" Longest Side
  • Youth 8.5" Longest Side
  • Adult 10-11" Longest Side
  • 11 oz Mug 3.5" Longest Side
  • Mouse Pad 9.5" Longest Side

Watermarks will be removed on the printed/shipped image. 

Your order will ship via USPS First Class Mail.