About Craft of Heart

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved creating things. As a little girl, I made ceramics with my mom. I loved to fill the molds, smooth the clay, fire up the kiln and paint away. It was amazing to watch my creations come alive with color and glaze. What I loved even more though, was gifting my creations to the most important people in my life. 
Years later, I can honestly say, I still enjoy creating things for others. I started out making cards, decorations, party favors and gifts for my family and close friends. As my creations gained more attention my passion to create was ignited again. I wanted nothing more than to continue to share my creations with others. When I envisioned a plan of action, Craft of Heart was founded. For me, its paying homage to my mom whose passion and 'craft of heart' was contagious enough for me to follow all these years later. 
My favorite niche is creating personalized gifts. At Craft of Heart, you will find personalized products that are meant to be expressive and unique-like we all are. Whether you're down for wearing the latest statement tee or you've found the perfect gifts to personalize for your family reunion or wedding party-the products are available for you and the creative possibilities are endless!
Craft of Heart's goal is to satisfy individual customer needs by providing them with a unique product and superior customer service. These products are meant to be expressive and can be personalized as keepsakes or gifts to preserve a special memory or to create a new one.
Thank you for taking an interest in Craft of Heart.
Now, go on. 'Express It. Personalize It'.